When witches go riding and black cats are seen…

It’s Halloween today, so that’s why I want to take you somewhere different. Actually, I want to take you in one of the world’s most haunted forests. The place is called Trivale forest and it’s located in Romania, somewhere in Pitești city, one of the most important historical centers from our beautiful country. Today, I’m gonna tell you a story. A true horror story, that’s completely different from any other Halloween story, that you have ever heard before. Are you ready? Live or die: let the game begin!


The headless bride and the curse from Trivale forest

The legend says that, a long time ago, there was a wealthy family living in a manor, somewhere in the heart of the Trivale forest, from Pitești. The master of this manor had a very beautiful daughter and he arranged her marriage with a wealthy old man, in order to increase his fortune. However, the young girl fell crazy in love with one of the servants at her father’s manor. So, the story says that, in the same day that the girl was supposed to marry the old reach man, she ran away with her young lover and they  went into hiding in the Trivale forest. Their happiness was short-lived, though. Unfortunately, this is not a story with a happy ending. The father found them and, in a fit of rage, he just killed the servant, without showing pity and compassion, in front of the girl that loved him the most.  After that, he decided to punish and decapitate his own daughter, for her perceived betrayal.




The cruel father had nightmares: the headless bride appeared every night in his dreams. He went crazy and he beacme sick and he died just a few days after. It looks like after his death, all his fortune…had completely vanished.




From that day onward, there are people who say they can see the headless bride walking down the Trivale forest, at the stroke of midnight, sadly seeking for her lost lover and her lost dreams.




The haunted house from the Trivale forest


Satanic rituals 


According to the local press, the haunted house from the Trivale forest it’s said to be used for satanic rituals. There have been around 15 murders in the forest and just a few of them have been solved.


Bride-to-be attempts suicide, after her future husband died in a car accident


But there is another scary story about the Trivale forest from Pitești. Urban legends speak about an abandoned house in the forest, haunted by a dead bride, a ghost, that committed suicide because her husband got run over by a car and died on their wedding day.


That day, a cabbie is said to have taken the bride somewhere close to that particular house from the forest. She had no money to pay, so she gave her wedding ring to the taxi driver. The young girl said him to wait a few minutes, so she can go inside and bring him the money for the ride. As she was coming from her wedding party, with her ring on her finger, she had no place to keep her money, in her dress. The taxi driver suddenly fell asleep and woke up hours later in front of a block of flats in Trivale, far from the forest, with the car engine stopped. He entered the building, to investigate the circumstances that had brought him there. And what he found out when he asked the neighbours, it was completely insane. The wedding, the cabbie learned, had actually happened 10 years earlier, not just a few hours before, as he had thought. He run to the car to look for the proof, namely the shiny wedding ring wrapped in a handkerchief, but the only thing that he discovered was just a finger in a state of advanced putrefaction with a ring that was time worn, resembling a piece of iron freshly dug out.


I have been there


Most people who live near the forest are afraid to enter it due to the stories and legends that have been handed down. I was afraid to go during the night, so I have been there during the day. The place is really scary. Sometimes, some strange sounds from the monastery located nearby, they are breaking the heavy silence.


I was there with two crazy friends, so we have been ghost hunting for a while. Here you can see the photos. And, after that, I’m waiting for you to tell me: would you be brave enough to go there?
















Photo credits: Manciu Romeo